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Winter beer

Had enough of this winter?  I love the winter, but for me, the inconsistency of temperatures is making me wish winter ended quicker.

To get through this winter season, why not warm yourself up with some of our favourite “Winter” beers.

According to Cathy Adamich, LCBO beer ambassador, she says, “The colder weather calls for a more robust texture, full-bodied flavour and a more malty character,” And I couldn’t agree with her more.

I’ve asked my ‘contributors’ what their favourite beers to drink for the winter season and surprise, surprise, we love our stouts and porters! Here are just a few that we like. (Note:  I can’t guarantee that some of these beers still exist.  With craft breweries, you never know what you are going to get, so if you ever come across a unique beer, our suggestion is just to grab it and try it before they are gone)

New Belgium Brewing Company – Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout – This collaboration pairs chocolate and beer.  The beer brings together chocolate sweetness, Belgian yeast and deeply roasted malts and salt.
Collective Arts – Stranger Than Fiction – It’s a full-bodied porter with plenty of roast flavor and hints of molasses.  With the chocolate and pale ale malts, this porter is very smooth and creamy.
Willoughby Brewing Co. – Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter – Do I need to say more.  It’s peanut butter and coffee!?!  This beer is brewed with 7 different malts and then infused with peanut butter, chocolate and roasted coffee.
Samuel Adams – Nitro Coffee Stout – This beer is smooth, velvety cream cascades into a jetblack brew (don’t be alarmed by the colour – it’s dark).  The dark roasted beer has notes of bittersweet chocolate with hints of dark fruit and coffee.  Very smooth to drink.
Whitewater Brewing Co. – Peanut Butter Shake – This stout is exactly what the label says.  It’s a peanut butter shake with a hint of chocolate.  It’s got a hint of cream and caramel.  Perfect dessert kind of beer for a cold day.
Rochester Mills Beer Co. – Chocolate Cheesecake Milkshake Stout – This beer pours out super dark brown with an off-white foamy head.  You can really taste the chocolate notes with some rich, velvety cheesecake.
Grain and Grit – Winter White Stout – It may not be Christmas anymore, but it reminds me of the jolly season.  This beer has hints of peppermint and chocolate aroma.
Mill Street Brewing – Vanilla Porter – It’s brewed with Washington state nugget hops, Mill Street’s house ale yeast and pure natural vanilla extract.  It’s nitrogen-charged so when it pours, it becomes a think and creamy texture and body.   

Do you have a favourite porter or stout?  Let me know!  My friends and I are always up for trying something new!


11 thoughts on “Winter beer

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  1. Interesting flavours out there! I’ve tried some stouts and porters but have had a hard time proactively ordering them! haha. They’ll usually be small samples in a flight. The best I can do is a Guinness- which also makes a delicious chocolate cake by the way haha. I can see myself liking peanut butter flavoured ones perhaps? Like a reese’s?


    1. There are a lot of delicious beers out there. If you want to get into beers, may I suggest ciders, sours or fruit beer. They are great and sometimes you it seems like you are just drinking juice.

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  2. I love a dark beer. My 2 favorite breweries for the last few years are:
    1. Highlander Brewery in, ON. South River
    My #1 favorite beer of all time – Blacksmith – when we pass through South River we always pick it up, and otherwise I order it to be delivered to my door. You should plan a summer vacation to South River so you can go to Highlander. They allow dogs to come in with you!!
    2. Great Lakes Brewing (not related to the Ontario one) in Cleveland OH.
    They have some awesome beers. Check out their website. Their building is very unique and the beer tasting room in the basement is really cool. They give tours but make sure you pre-book. Worth the drive to Cleveland! My favorite is the Edmund Fitzgerlad Porter. Every year they come out with a different Christmas Ale (but get it quick if you like it, as it will sell out quick). They had some great barrel aged beer we tasted (but so expensive!!) – I think it might have been the barrel aged imperial smoked porter. And when you are there you have to go to the Rockin’ Roll Hall of Fame – which is awesome as well. We went in November and got an awesome deal on an airbnb, and a great city to visit with lots of beer!!


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