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Untapping the world of beer

If you are like me, I like to try different types of beer.  What I like more is to remember what I have tried.  Let’s be honest, after a couple, you tend to forget! That’s why there is an app that helps you keep track of your beers.  It’s called Untappd.

Untappd is a networking service and mobile phone app that allows users to check in as they drink.  With the app, you can share your check-ins and locations with your other friends. It was rated one of the top 50 online apps of 2016 according to Time Magazine.

My friends and I enjoy using Untappd cause when it comes to drinking beer, we like to avoid either buying or even trying the same beers that we have already had. 

Not only does it allow you to find local breweries around the area you are in but it can also help you find restaurants and pubs that serve beer. I find that it’s a great tool when you are travelling to other cities or countries.

Untappd allows you to share your check-ins with social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook

On the app, you can rate your beers. You can also see what friends have checked in the beer and see how they rated it. Write a review and share photos as well.

What makes Untappd so much fun is collecting badges.  As users check in different beers, they get different badges.  There are 3 categories for badges. 

  • Beer: These badges are for how many different beers you have consumed. 
  • Venue: These badges are earned when you check in beers at locations of different bars or breweries.
  • Special: These badges are available during special occasions.  For instance, if you check in a beer on Christmas day, you get a Christmas badge.

There are thousands of different badges and Untappd is always creating new ones. So try and collect them all.

If you feel like joining Untappd, feel free to add me and my contributers.

Name User name Joined Untappd Check-Ins Unique Beers Badges Unlocked
Tansy Tansy79 05/24/14 1318 1208 1077
Tim stendz 12/28/13 3355 2940 1882
Chris spidermase 04/8/14 2715 2399 1580
Ryan ryanstrang 07/23/17 218 202 243
Kevin Stendzis4 02/17/14 1702 1702 1048
Aaronrathboa 04/08/14 1195 1044 697

So come join in on the fun and download at the app store (cue Arnold Schwarznegger’s voice). 



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