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What do you Meme Cheap Beer

Remember “Buck-a-Beer”?  Yea, that campaign didn’t seem to have lasted very long.  It was just last year that the PC Government decided to bring back the campaign and have some brewers make beer that would cost you a dollar.

When the campaign first started there were only 3 participants.

  • Barley Days – Loon Lager
  • Cool Beer Brewing Company – Cool Lager
  • Loblaw – President’s Choice brews (only for a limited time)

Well that campaign didn’t last long. About 3- 4 months later, Barley Days decided to raise their prices.  And even with Cool Beer left, they were still charging about $1.35/ beer and that’s not including taxes. 

Just last month, Loblaw launched its “No Name” beer in Ontario. For Family Day weekend, they were selling them for $6.60 for a six pack which worked out to be $1.10/ beer before taxes.  Although this is still available, they only seem to be selling it for a discounted price during holiday weekends.

This became an idea for my next post.  What if we went and tried to find the cheapest beer we can and have a game night?  Therefore, the title, “What Do You Meme Cheap Beer?”

For our task, each person was to find the cheapest beer they could find and have ourselves a little tasting night while we played “What Do You Meme” Can’t get too much into the game because… well if you have hung out with my friends and I, you will know that a lot of our hands were very inappropriate to be posting! Anyways, back to the beer tasting.

First up was Kevin.  He had purchased Cool Craft Lager. He brought in a mini keg (kind of not what I expected, but he along with his brother Tim, they decided to do cheapest by oz.  Haha.  So after doing the math, it became $2.80/ pint. 

The beer is an American Lager that’s only 5% ABV (Alcohol by volume). The Cool Beer Brewing Company is located in Etobicoke. Brewed with North American hops and malts.

Elise also brought in Cool beer but this came out of a bottle.  The cost was $5.40 for a 4 pack, which worked out to be $1.35 / 341 ml bottle. The consensus was that this beer did not taste as good as the previous Cool beer that we have. 

Tim brought “Boxer Ice”. It is a Canadian-Style dry lager is from Minhas Craft Brewing in Wisconsin. There is hoppy bitterness with a hint of sweetness to the beer. This beer is 5.5% ABV. Available at The Beer Store. For a 710ml can, this beer comes in at a whopping $2.80/can

Next up was Kirby who brought “61 Deep”. This beer is 4.1% ABV and is from Marston’s Brewery in the U.K. There are 5 different American and Australian hops. Available in the LCBO, this beer was $2.35/ 500 ml can.

I’m actually quite not sure who brought in the Tiger Beer but somebody did. Tiger Beer is from Heineken Asian Pacific Breweries Limited. This beer was launched in 1932 and is internationally known for its taste and quality. Brewed in Singapore, this beer is a 5% ABV. Available at The Beer Store for $2.30/ 500 ml can.

I provided the last beer of our cheap beers for the night. Miller High Life. Established in 1903, this was known as the ‘Champagne of Beers’. It definitely did not taste like champagne. (Cue the Jessica Simpson ‘Chicken of the Sea’ moment). Anyways, this was probably the least favourite out of them all. So in other words, I failed at this challenge. The beer is 4.6% ABV, available at the LCBO for $2.30/ 473ml can.

So here is how the rating went (taking the average from everyone) Top being the most liked to the least liked.

  • 61 Deep – Marston’s Brewery
  • Tiger – Heineken Asia Pacific
  • Cool Beer (Mini-Keg) – Cool Beer Brewing Company
  • Boxer Ice – Minhas Craft Brewery
  • Cool Beer (Bottle) – Cool Beer Brewing Company
  • Miller High Life – Miller Brewing Company

Till next time….cheers!


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  1. I saw the “No Name” beer at the LCBO a couple weeks ago. It was so odd seeing that bright yellow branded No Name on the box somewhere else but a grocery store, but I would be curious to see how that beer taste because it has “cheap” written all over it.

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