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Cooking with beer

Hey everyone, I love cooking but not so much baking (too science-y for me). So I have reached out to my classmate Melissa for help. She is the lovely lady behind the James North Mommy blog. She found some great recipes that includes beer as one of the ingredients. Check out her post below!


Hi there! My name is Melissa and I am one of Tansy’s classmates in our ‘Building Social Media Relationships’ Class. But wait- someone pregnant writing on Tansy’s beer blog? How is that going to work? Well, while my own (pretty cool, I’ll admit) blog focuses on having a baby in downtown Hamilton (James North Mommy), I also happen to love baking/cooking and incidentally, sometimes with beer in the recipe! So, if you are looking for alternative uses of beer and tasty food all at once, check these out!

Epicurious- Chocolate stout cake

Love chocolate but have a hard time drinking stouts like Guinness? This is the cake for you! It’s moist, very chocolate-y and will impress everyone.

Recipe: Chocolate Stout Cake

Fifty Shades of Chicken- Chicken Chili

Given to me as a gift a few years ago, this hilarious recipe book has great recipes like this chicken chili. It uses a bottle of any ‘dark’ beer to give it great flavour and is a nice alternative to the usual ground beef. I mean, when a book has recipes like, “Mustard-spanked chicken” and “Dripping Thighs”, you know you’ll have fun while cooking.

Recipe: Chicken Chilli

Once Upon a Chef- Baja Fish Tacos

This website is my go-to for all cooking. Literally, everything on it is awesome. So, while I haven’t made this one recipe, I am highly confident it will also be just as delicious as the rest. In this recipe, it uses Corona beer in the beer batter for some baja fish tacos! Yum.

Recipe: Baha Fish Tacos

That’s it for me! Bon Appetit and cheers! – Melissa


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  1. Thanks for sharing these recipes! Beer is an amazing ingredient in a lot of dishes. For years I couldn’t figure out why I like my Mom’s roast beef better than any other… turns out she adds beer! My Mom also introduced me to pairing beer with dark chocolate… it sounds weird, but is actually amazing.

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