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Beer + Music

Happy Summer everyone!!

With it being officially Summer, warmer weather means it’s time to hang out in the backyard, open up a beer and listen to some tunes.

I love listening to music.  My taste in music ranges from pop to rock, rap to country…I love them all.  But what music suits your beer drinking evening?

Here are my top 10 favourite beer drinking songs out there (In no particular order).

10. Chumbawamba – Tubthumping (1997)

Can’t go wrong with a little anthem from the British Rock Band / one hit wonder, to help pick you back up if you have fallen after having a couple of beers.  It says so in the lyrics…over and over again.

9. John Lee Hooker – One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer (1966)

This drinking blues song was first recorded in 1953 but it was John Lee Hooker that made the song popular.  Since then, there were other versions.

8. Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup (2011)

This song is basically everyone’s anthem back in College and University.  Surprisingly it was voted as one of Keith Toby’s worst songs, but also his best selling one too. (Note: Could not find a clean video for this post, so I grabbed a lyrical video instead.)

7. JKwon – Tipsy (2004)

Why wouldn’t you want to hear this song while drinking beer and getting “Tipsy”

6. Ke$ha – Tik Tok (2009)

The Tik Tok video was the 2nd most viewed video on YouTube in 2010.

5. Spirit of the West – Home For A Rest (1990)

Canada’s drinking Anthem!  Need I say more!

4. Luke Bryan – Drink a Beer (2013)

Luke Bryan describes this song as the “coolest, saddest song”, which I totally agree.  Watching Luke Bryan perform this live gets me every time.  The song is a country song about the unexpected loss of someone close. It tells the story of a character who honours the recent passing of a loved one by drinking a beer.

3.  Kid Rock – All Summer Long (2008)

This song may not actually have the word beer in it, it’s still a fun song for the Summer months and gets me in the mood to have a nice cold brew.  Fun fact:  Although Kid Rock was around for a while before this song was released, “All Summer Long” was the first to be a hit in the U.K.

2. Semisonic – Closing Time (1998)

This is everyone’s ‘Goodnight’ song.  If you were ever at a club or bar, majority this is the song you would hear at the end of the night, especially if you make it to last call!

1.  Pink – So Raise Your Glass (2010)

Pink describes the song as a “celebration for people who feel left out from the popular crowd.  But to me, this song just makes me want to dance while having some beers with my friends.

What’s your favourite jam for the Summer??



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