Cheap vs. Expensive Beer

When it comes to beer, do you tend to buy the cheaper ones or the more expensive ones? Is there a real difference?

To me, it doesn’t matter as long as it tastes good but then again, I wouldn’t be able to tell what is cheap and what is expensive unless you tell me the price.  

While working on my assignment for school, I decided to take a little break and do a little surfing on YouTube and came across this video of Beer Expert, Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery to see if he can tell which is the more expensive beer.

Courtesy: Epicurious Channel

I really enjoyed watching that video. It was very informative and he was pretty bang on with his guesses.

Then I thought, he’s a beer expert, of course he would have a better understanding between the two beers. 

And then I found a video of just regular people tasting beer and trying to guess what’s cheap and what’s expensive.

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

I’m thinking this might be an experiment that my friends and I have to do soon. Think you can tell the difference. Try it and let me know!


3 thoughts on “Cheap vs. Expensive Beer

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  1. Its all a matter of taste but expensive beer usually fits into 3 categories. 1. Imported. In the home country it is not that expensive. 2. “Craft” beer from micro breweries. 3. Special flavored or aged beers. For #1, if it comes from Belgium, it will be worth it in your country, except for Stella. For #2, I never think the price is worth it especially for IPA which are a dime a dozen unless #2 is a #3. These are the special stouts, barrel aged in whisky barrels or something like that. These are the only ones I will spend the extra money for.

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